How to measure bangle size for your hands

How to measure bangle size for your hands

This method is extremely helpful in choosing your bangle size. 

Using a measuring tape or a thread measure the width of your closed fist from the top center of one knuckle to the other. This is the diameter for the closet bangle size.

Bangle size

Size chart

 Diameter in inches Circumference in Inches S/M/L Bangle Size
2.125" 6.67" Very Small 2-2
2.25" 7.06" Small 2-4
2.375" 7.46" Medium 2-6
2.5" 7.85" Medium Plus 2-8
2.265" 8.24" Large 2-10
2.75" 8.64" Large Plus 2-12
2.875" 9.03" X-Large 2-14
3" 9.42" XX-Large 3
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