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The Best Jewelry !! - AristaBeads

Hi I’m Nivedita and welcome to AristaBeads !!

As a working woman professional I have a strong appetite for perfection, which suits my job requirement. While on various assignments and interacting with people I realized there is a great urge among women for variety and affordable class of jewelry.

AristaBeads is an online store for desirable range of creative handcrafted jewelry. All items in the store echo tradition and add a contemporary twist for daily wear as well as for special occasions.

Each piece is designed carefully with perfect combination of handpicked colorful beads, gemstones and beautiful pendents from all over the world.

My inherent qualities with a great sense of art and photography give me an edge for picking up objects which are readily appreciated. My designs invariably generate desire among friends and clients to own these themselves.

Arista means “The Best” in Greek. I intend to create best fusion designs using gemstones, beads and materials from across the globe.
Here in my shop I have highlighted some of these unique hand crafted designs which will surely grab attention of modern and classy women. My catalog contains Victorian, Tribal, Vintage and Modern fusion jewelry.

Visit my ETSY stores for more products and read what our customers have to say about us!